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Gela Atayde snatches international victory with Legit Status

August 10 ------ IN a dazzling display of talent and coordination, rising Kapamilya actress Gela Atayde and her dance crew, Legit Status, clinched the top spot in the MegaCrew division at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship held in Phoenix, Arizona on Aug. 6, 2023. Legit Status maintained their lead throughout the competition, demonstrating unmatched prowess, outshining 54 other talented groups.

The MegaCrew division saw another Filipino group, the UP Streetdance Club, snagging third place, further highlighting the Philippines' dominance in the dance arena. The Filipino dance crew HQ also made their mark by winning the Adult Division of the championship. Global audiences got a taste of Legit Status' talent during their four-minute performance in the finals. Their routine blended various dance techniques, executed with impeccable coordination and precision by each member. Their dedication and skill were evident as they consistently held the top position from the preliminary rounds to the finals.

In the initial round, Legit Status set the bar high with a score of 7.98, leading the next contenders by a 0.32 gap. Their dominance continued into the semifinals, where they scored 7.86, narrowing the gap to 0.15 but still emerging as the frontrunners. The finals saw Legit Status giving their all, a decision that paid off as the arena resonated with cheers from thousands of fans. As the World Champions, they had the distinct honor of singing the Philippine national anthem, representing their country with pride in front of international acts.

In a previous interview, Gela expressed her pride in representing the Philippines at this esteemed event. The Star Magic artist felt quite confident about her crew’s chances."It's the championship. We have no option but to win," she said, reflecting the crew's ambition and unwavering commitment.

The championship was a fierce battleground, with teams from across the globe showcasing their best. Fortunately, under with solid teamwork, Legit Status delivered technically brilliant and emotionally resonant performances. But to truly appreciate this crowning achievement, one must delve into Gela's multifaceted journey. She left a significant mark as one of the featured stars during the grand opening of Bench Fashion Week (BFW) Holiday 2022. This event marked its first physical runway after transitioning to a virtual format during the pandemic's peak. Gela's performance, embodying the spirit of the '70s, showcased her versatility and stage presence.

Born into showbiz royalty, Gela balanced her academic pursuits with her passion for dance. Her affiliation with Poveda Enciende and her training under choreographers like Matt Stefanina and Sienna Lalau laid the foundation for her dance journey. It should be noted that with Poveda Enciende, that Gela and her high school dance troupe bagged the bronze medal in the International Cheer Union Hip Hop division and the gold medal in the Dance Worlds competition in Orlando, Florida. It was with Legit Status that her calling for the art of dance deepened as the group embarked on a journey where they pushed boundaries, innovated, and evolved. Their performances blended creativity, emotional depth, and technical skill.

During the challenging phases of preparation for the championship, coach Vimi Rivera, played an instrumental role. Vimi's encouragement and belief in Gela and the rest helped them stay strong, even when faced with obstacles. Their collective efforts bore fruit when Legit Status delivered a performance at the championship that left audiences and judges spellbound. Beyond this historic win, Gela remains a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. Brands like Spotify, Dove, and Immunpro frequently collaborate with her, and she is gearing up for several mainstream projects set to launch in 2023.



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