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GCash users warned of scammers targeting accounts using fake emails

May 19 ------ The Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC), issued a warning about a new email scam targeting GCash users. 


In a statement, CICC Executive Director Alexander Ramos revealed that scammers have begun sending fake emails via platforms like Viber and Facebook Messenger, rather than the traditional SMS messages. “Good day from GCash, we would like to inform you that your account is under review, we request you to verify your account to continually access our eWallet services,” the email message reads. 


Ramos stressed the importance of not clicking on links from unknown or suspicious senders, as these could lead to personal and account information being compromised. He also noted that scammers are using emails and social media platforms to bypass the SMS systems that have become more secure since the implementation of the SIM Registration Act. “Scammers used to send such links through SMS but now they have found another platform,” he said. 


Ramos also cited that the number of scam text messages have "declined significantly" since the implementation of the SIM Registration Act on Dec. 27, 2022. GCash has reported blocking four million accounts in 2023, along with taking down 810 phishing sites and 45,000 malicious social media posts. 


Victims of online scam are advised to call 1326, the hotline of  the Inter-Agency Response Center (IARC).  




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