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From dreams to reality: Toni Gonzaga's wish comes true

August 18 ------ Stars too hold the dream of becoming mothers. Just like everyday women. Of course, it's something that shouldn't be rushed. It's all about God's perfect timing. Take Toni Gonzaga, who, just recently, became a mother of two. She welcomed daughter, Paulina Celestine, her second with husband Paul Soriano on Aug. 11. It's something that she has long wished for daring to claim it on social media years ago.

She shared proof on Instagram, a post from January 10, 2015. There, she's seen with some kids. The caption read: "One day I'll have a boy and a girl." Toni then related: "I saw a boy and a girl sibling in Japan. Cute na cute ako, I asked the mom if I can play and take pics with them.. She allowed. We were taping Home Sweetie Home then in Japan. This was Jan10. Jan20 on my birthday Paul proposed. 8 years after. We now have a boy and a girl." Dreams do come true, indeed.



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