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Francine Diaz wants to return to school

MANILA, December 5 ------ Actress Francine Diaz expressed her strong desire to go back and complete her senior high school education next year. Despite her busy schedule and flourishing career, Diaz remains committed to her education and believes in the importance of finishing her studies.  


In an interview, Diaz shared her excitement about the prospect of returning to school and emphasized the value of education and the opportunities it provides for personal and professional growth. "Priority ko sarili ko, career ko and school ko importante din talaga sakin na maka-graduate ako. Bukod sa gusto ko maging successful sa entertainment industry of course gusto ko din maging successful 'yung personal life," she added. "Ang gusto ko po mag-business management. 'Yun po talaga isa sa mga priority ko I believe dapat meron akong fallback kasi hindi ko alam 'wag naman sana pag dumating 'yung panahon na hindi na ako yung tinitingala or maingay meron akong buhay outside showbiz," she added.    



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