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Francine Diaz on balancing student-work life, creating good social media content

MANILA, Philippines, January 3 ------ Francine Diaz is thankful to the people who have been helping her balance her work and studies as she aims to finish her senior high school this year. The Kapamilya actress recently underscored the importance of education and shared how she personally manages her different priorities in life. 


In a Bench event where she was introduced as their endorser for the brand’s new fragrance collections Spring Day and Royal Dream, an Instagram photo and a video of her at the Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU) were shown on screen with the caption that read, “Forever grateful for @sisfuph for always being there for me. We’re excited for 2024.” She later explained, “When that photo was taken, nagmamadali ako sa school. I had to hurry because I had It’s Your Lucky Day rehearsal for the first time. As an actress, we know naman na kapag busy schedule, ang hirap talaga magsiksik. “So, for me, it’s important that you know your priorities in life. No. 1, of course, is God. Second is yourself and third is your career, including your studies. That’s what I think. Hindi ko masyado napaglaanan ng mahabang oras. So on that day, I made it my first priority.”  The 19-year-old is very grateful to people supporting her in juggling her work and school duties. “Even though I have a busy schedule at work, they help me and the team para makapag-aral and para makapag-tapos. And of course, my school also. I really appreciate them because they take good care of me aside from inaalalayan nila ako. Lagi rin nilang pina-prioritize yung mental health ko.” 


The Dirty Linen actress shared that she initially wanted to take up a medical course for college because she aspired to become a doctor. But given the nature of her job, she felt that it would be tough for her to pursue such a course. Instead, she plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in business management. “Since I’m in the world of showbiz, that’s the closest. Maybe pag business management talaga po pwede,” she shared. Asked what advice she could give to working students just like her, she replied, “You know what that question is really close to me. It’s really challenging to be working and studying at the same time. But I always say this dapat meron kang kahit isang bagay na pinanghahawakan, a reason for you to get up every day. “Because when you have the one reason to wake up (and get up) every morning, yun ang magiging kakampi mo. It will be your guide for you to be successful or kung hindi man successful, para lang matapos din natin yung araw natin with a grateful heart.” 


Francine was recently named as TikTok Philippines Celebrity Creator of the Year (2023). What makes good content, according to Francine, is to be authentic. “I always say this, you should know your viewers. Like for me, most of my audience are the younger ones, same age as mine, and sometimes titas and titos, lolo and lola so hindi naman ako pwedeng gumawa ng content which they can’t relate to. “So, it’s all about kung ano yung pwede nilang makuha sayo, yung makaka-relate sila. Sometimes, they want funny videos, kapag ka-minsan nagmamaganda ka, like that. You just have to know your audience and then from there, you can think of your video content.” Francine believes that she attracts more followers by “being herself” and “not pretending” to be someone else. “I think mas duon ko rin nakukuha somehow yung attention ng ibang tao or like mas duon ko nabibigyan ng paano ba… Ang isang bagay like, ‘Ito OK siyang panoorin, OK siyang i-follow.’ I think that’s what I would say on how to be a good content creator — to be yourself.” And such a thought applies to everyone and not just to herself, she added. “I hope that we always wake up every day with a happy heart na hindi tayo nagpapanggap at hindi pini-pretend na masaya lang tayo. Because if you have genuine happiness on your side, it radiates and it’s contagious. Nakakahawa siya.” 




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