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Flower prices in Dangwa expected to spike next week

MANILA, Philippines, October 27 ------ Flower prices in Dangwa, Manila are poised to increase as the country approaches the Undas season. Some shops in Manila’s mainstream market for wholesale and retail flowers retained this week's prices as of writing. However, according to some vendors, flower prices might double next week due to the demand. “Dodoble (ang presyo) kasi sa supplies, kapag mag u-undas talagang tumataas yan," Felix, a shop owner said in an interview.

Here are the price ranges of flowers so far: Malaysian mums, locally known as “rados,” which is the most known flower used in occasions and funeral bouquets - P250 per bundle.

Local roses - P80 to P100 pesos per stem

Roses from Ecuador - P150 per stem

The Lily stargazer - P200 to P250 per piece.

Filler flowers like the wax flower or chamelaucium - P150 to 250 per bundle.

Gerbera and carnation - P250 per stem.

Sunflower - P100 to P150 per stem.

Various flower shops have different charges for their arrangements, referred to as labor fees. These fees range from P50 to P200 depending on the complexity of the arrangement. Despite their expertise, Erimae Lopez, a regular customer of flowers in Dangwa, said that she resorts to getting services from strangers offering flower arrangements for a lower price. It is a “risk,” she said, due to the quality of their arrangement. But their charges are significantly lower compared with other flower shops. “Mas mura kung magpapaayos ka sa mga lumalapit-lapit sayo, mga P35 rin natitipid ko,” she said in an interview.

For flower shop owner Felix, it is better to buy flowers days before Undas so that they can choose from variety of offerings. “Ngayon na sila bumili para makapili sila, kasi kapag dagsa na ang mga tao ‘di na nila maeenjoy,” he said. The government declared November 1 and 2 as non-working holidays for the commemoration of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day.



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