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Fish deliveries down 21 percent in Q2

MANILA, Philippines, August 18 ------ Fish deliveries in the country’s nine regional fish ports (RFPs) fell by a fifth in the second quarter from last year mainly due to unfavorable weather conditions. In its quarterly bulletin, the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) said the RFPs delivered a total of 121,062.55 metric tons (MT) of fish to consumers in April to June.

The agency said this was a 2.23 percent improvement from 118,419.49 MT delivered in the first quarter. However, this was 20.89 percent lower than the 153,049.37 MT of fish unloaded in ports in the same period last year. April and May unloading volumes were at 44,721.05 MT and 42,814.9 MT, respectively. These were 11.84 percent and 1.2 percent lower compared to the 46,353.97 MT and 48,563.31 MT in the same months last year.

The PFDA had cited the early onset of the rainy season for the decline in fish deliveries for two months. On the other hand, June figures improved by 12.69 percent to 65,513.42 MT from last year’s 58,132.09 MT. Meanwhile, the PFDA said six fish ports are undergoing upgrades in Davao, Iloilo, Zamboanga, Camaligan, Sual and Navotas. The Davao fish port, which is 95.51 percent completed, moves closer to becoming the center of business in Davao region. “Soon, the port can cater to more clients and stakeholders not only in the region but also in nearby provinces,” the agency said.

The Iloilo fish port complex continues its rehabilitation program and is 84.69 percent complete. The Sual fish port upgrade has improved significantly at 74.51 percent completion. At 42.24 percent completion, the Camaligan fish port in Camarines Sur will soon improve its fishery products processing capacities with better and stronger facilities, the PFDA said. The upgrading of the Zamboanga fish port complex, one of the busiest port cities in the country, is 40.20 percent done. Lastly, the two-phased rehabilitation of the Navotas fish port complex is underway, which will provide shelter to more clients and stakeholders in National Capital Region and nearby provinces, the PFDA said.



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