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Enrique Gil on going solo: ‘It wasn’t so alien to me’

MANILA, Philippines, February 7 ------ Enrique Gil has made a “big” comeback via the raunchy comedy film “I Am Not Big Bird” to be shown in cinemas nationwide on Valentine’s Day. 


In the trailer of the said flick, the actor received a “Hello, big bird” comment from girlfriend Liza Soberano. They have been supportive of each other’s acting projects. “Of course, we talked. I mean I also made a promo for her ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ (film), which I hope you guys would also watch,” shared Enrique in a media conference for “I Am Not Big Bird.” “On my part I told her to help me even with just one statement on the trailer. That’s it… it’s simple, one-liner. ‘Hello, big bird’ OK na yun.” “I Am Not Big Bird” is directed by Victor Villanueva and produced by Black Sheep, Anima Studios, and Immerse Entertainment. 


In an earlier interview with ABS-CBN’s Gretchen Fullido, Enrique clarified, amid breakup rumors, that he and Liza are “happy” and that they are “just really busy” with their respective careers. Liza is also promoting her Hollywood debut film “Lisa Frankenstein.” On his first solo film, without Liza or any onscreen partner, it felt “weird and different” to Enrique but it wasn’t entirely new to him. Liza and Enrique have been previously paired in “My Ex and Whys,” “Alone/Together,” and other shows. “Yeah, I got used to it a bit. I mean not super but before I was paired up with Liza and our loveteam, I was always paired with everybody else and I would do it solo. A lot of movies on my own. So, of course, it felt weird, different but it wasn’t so alien to me,” he commented. In the comedy flick, Luis Carpio (Enrique) is on a “big” mission in Bangkok with friends after a heartbreak, only to face mishaps after he is mistaken as the famous Thai adult video star called “Big Bird.” Set in the ‘90s, the hilarious barkada film also stars Pepe Herrera, Nikko Natividad, and Red Ollero. Asked by The STAR to recall an experience where he became the “bigger person” in a relationship, Enrique said, “Oh my gosh. You know if there are instances ‘pag nag-aaway, and you know naman na minsan kahit hindi mo kasalanan but of course, it’s always… “You have to be a gentleman… Sometimes my mom, even your parents ‘pag nag-aaway kahit minsan you feel that you’re right, in the right position, you know just let it be. Just be the bigger man.” 


Enrique admitted that he is the type of person who steps back “at times, when it’s needed” when he encounters such situations. “Especially when you know sometimes kaaway mo, it’s not even worth it. So be the bigger man. Just stop. Sometimes, it works in a situation.” Moreover, Enrique’s “big inspiration” recently is his business ventures. “I hope it will do really well. And I hope that there will be more projects to be launched for the viewers na kahit wala na po ako sa screen or sa stage, we still give entertainment to our Kapamilya.” “That’s my big dream. And of course, my big inspiration is my loved ones, my family, yung mga mahal ko sa buhay,” he added. When further queried if someone has already replaced a certain space in his heart, Enrique answered, “Never, man. Gusto mo ikaw?” he quipped back at the reporter.  




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