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Donita Rose shares details of her weight loss journey

May 15 ------ Donita Rose looks happy and content with her weight loss journey.


In her new vlog, she told her subscribers what she went through to achieve her current body. According to the former MTV VJ, she had liposuction and she decided to change her lifestyle. She said, "My weight loss journey actually first began with liposuction. Say what you want to say about me but I am so grateful for the new and improved me. It wasn't easy and it took exactly a year and half for me to get to this point." "I am 40 pounds lighter and I have never been happier," she claimed.


Donita said it all started when decided to quit her job in the culinary industry. She told her husband Felson Palad, "I really want to go back to the entertainment industry. Whether it be for hosting events, but to be very specific I said I want to go back to acting." Felson told Donita she needed to lose weight if she wanted to go back to showbiz. Donita continued her story by admitting to doing a pantry purge followed by going to the gym. Donita mentioned in the vlog that Felson told her that his sister could help with a liposuction procedure. "After the surgery I only lost five pounds, right?" She asked her doctor in the vlog. The doctor is Dr. Sheryl Palad who is Felson's sister.


Donita discussed what happened after her liposuction to reach her ideal weight. "Nag-progress na 'yung exercise ko and I started doing intermittent fasting. We started doing 12 hours a day, then we went to 14, then we went to 16 then it became one meal a day for us. Everybody has their own diet or regimen that they might want to do pero for Felson and I because my husband is a diabetic, I wanted to have the goal of going down to a 120. Right now, I am at 130. It's been like that for quite some time already. Medyo nag-plateau na ako pero ang pinaka-importante sa lahat is that it's almost two years since the surgery and hindi ako nag-gain. 'Yun ang pinakaimportante."


Donita shared with her audience the important things to consider before getting liposuction. She said, "You need to educate yourself on the procedure. Two, what is your aftercare plan? Number three, your support system, doing the procedure, making sure that you have time off your schedule getting all the lab work done to make sure you are a good candidate." "Be prepared for what's to come after," Donita added.



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