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DOH records 7% ‘increase’ in daily Covid-19 infections

November 21 ----- The Department of Health (DOH) said that there were 1,210 new Covid-19 infections between Nov. 14 and 20. DOH noted that this signifies a “seven percent increase" compared to the preceding week, Nov. 7 to 13, with an average daily count of 173 cases.

Among the newly reported cases, 14 have been classified as "severe" or "critical." Meanwhile, DOH said there have been nine deaths; four of those happened between Nov. 7 to 20. Nationwide, DOH said that hospitals have admitted a total of 284 severe and critical Covid-19 patients for treatment. Of the 1,622 ICU beds allocated for Covid-19 patients, 164, or 10.1 percent, are currently occupied. Additionally, 2,184 out of 13,550 non-ICU Covid-19 beds, constituting 16.1 percent, are in use.

The DOH urged the public to remain vigilant in light of the ongoing Covid-19 threat, emphasizing the importance of adhering to public health standards. This includes wearing masks, seeking well-ventilated areas, and immediate isolation if symptomatic under Alert Level 1. Moreover, the DOH reported that approximately 78 million people in the country have received Covid-19 vaccinations, surpassing the target population by 100.44 percent.



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