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Dingdong Dantes joins opening night of Manila Int'l Film Fest in U.S.

February 4 ------ The Philippines’ record-breaking movie ‘Rewind’ has gone Hollywood. Its lead star, Dingdong Dantes, joined the Gold Carpet for the opening night presentation of the film at the first Manila International Film Festival. 


As Dantes greeted fans, the Star Cinema film kept pushing forward breaking the P900 million mark in earnings at the global box office. "Of course, I'm super happy personally because of the overwhelming support for Rewind," he said in Filipino. "But, overall, I really want to give it all to MMFF. There is so much support from members of the industry, for showing our moviegoers our beloved Philippine films." "Rewind" is among 10 Philippine films playing in Hollywood this week. The new box office king takes pride in being among some of the Philippines' best and brightest talents. "It’s just so nice we’re all here together," Dantes added. "We’re all coming here together as one industry."  


Some 300 fans packed the TCL Chinese Theater for the screening of "Rewind." "I’ve heard a lot of feedback from the Philippines that it’s a really good movie," said Kristel Garcia, a fan from Los Angeles. "And [it's] one of the highest grossing (Filipino) films of all time, so I got intrigued." And after some wiped away their tears, many stayed for an intimate Question and Answer session with Dantes, moderated by ABS-CBN North America Bureau Chief TJ Manotoc. Said Jessica Anito, another fan: "The education aspect of the film was really there. Now, I want to be nicer and more loving." 


The Manila International Film Festival will have an encore showing of "Rewind" on Wednesday (U.S. time). After its warm reception at the Manila International Film Festival, at least nine Southern California theaters will also be screening "Rewind." A list of international screening sites can be found on  




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