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Diesel, gasoline price cuts seen

Metro Manila, December 5 ------ Motorists and commuters may enjoy a price rollback for diesel and gasoline beginning Dec. 6, according to Unioil Petroleum Philippines.

Unioil forecasted that diesel prices would drop by P1.90 to P2.00 per liter, while gasoline would decrease by P1.80 to P1.90 per liter. Last week, oil companies Petron, Caltex, Total, Petro Gazz, Cleanfuel, PTT Philippines, Phoenix Petroleum, and Flying V, announced that diesel and gasoline would be reduced by P3.95 and P0.85, respectively.

The Department of Energy’s latest oil price monitor dated Nov. 22 determined that the total oil price adjustments made in 2022 stood at a “net increase of P17.75/liter for gasoline, P33.85/liter for diesel, and P27.85/liter for kerosene.”



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