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Cristine Reyes makes rom-com with Empoy

August 23 ------ Noted and versatile actress Cristine Reyes is celebrating her remarkable two-decade journey in showbiz with a long-awaited return to comedy, laced with romance and action just as she likes it.

The star of the critically acclaimed hard action flick "Maria," the fearless actress counts five years since she last starred in a romantic comedy. Often her assigned genre when she was much younger, the 34-year-old who has wowed audiences via heavy dramas, gripping thrillers, and impressive action films, she nonetheless brings her A-game to bring on the laughs as much as her unlikely but famously funny leading man, Empoy Marquez. Yes, Marquez is the man who stole hearts in the 2017 blockbuster movie "Kita Kita" and most recently charmed huge streaming numbers in 2023"s "Walang Kaparis," both with Alessandra deRossi.

For her special anniversary movie, "Kidnap for Romance," Reyes steps into the shoes of Elena, who's affectionally called "Ganda" by her loving family and close friends. Life hasn't exactly dealt her a winning hand; her father and brother are incarcerated, and her ailing mother desperately needs medical care. Faced with mounting financial pressure, Elena is reluctantly drawn into a criminal syndicate's web for quick cash. On the flip side, Marquez takes on the role of Godofredo Tan, or simply "Fred." While he may have Chinese roots, his appearance doesn't quite give it away. Fred happens to be the sole heir of Henry Tan, one of the country's wealthiest tycoons. Grandpa Henry is eager to see Fred settle down and secure the family legacy, but commitment isn't Fred's strong suit.

Ninong Arturo (played by Jeric Raval), Elena's godfather and syndicate leader, assigns her the task of kidnapping Fred for a hefty ransom. Against all odds, Elena succeeds in capturing Fred, narrowly avoiding the prying eyes of the law. Their escape leads them to a family villa owned by Fred's clan, setting the stage for an unexpected turn of events. As Elena and Fred engage in a spirited skirmish, they find themselves in an embarrassing predicament when Grandpa Henry stumbles upon them. His reaction is nothing short of extreme — he insists they get hitched at once. With the potential wedding looming, Elena's family could strike it rich if Fred spills the beans. But the burning question remains: Could Elena actually be the catch Fred never saw coming?

Reyes, reflecting on her return to romantic comedy, said at a media conference at the Araneta Center's Viva Cafe, "It's been a while since I dabbled in this genre, and working with Empoy has been such a blast. Our on-screen chemistry will bring a fresh twist to this action-packed love story." Marquez, in his ever-deadpan style of acting meanwhile added in Filpino, "I'm thrilled to be part of this project with Cristine. [The movie] is not your typical romance, and that's what makes it exciting. Audiences are in for a wild ride from start to finish." With the anticipation building and the stars aligning, "Kidnap for Romance" is shaping up to be a must-watch film that combines the best of romance, action and comedy, all delivered by two of the industry's most talented actors. The movie hits cinemas on September 6 from Viva Films.



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