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Coleen Garcia wins Best Actress in Venezuela film festival

MANILA, December 5 ------ Actress Coleen Garcia has been named Best Actress in an international film festival in Venezuela.

Garcia took to Instagram to share that she won the top acting award at the El Grito International Fantastic Film Festival in Venezuela for her suspense-thriller movie “Kaluskos.”

“Yesterday I woke up to the exciting news that I won Best Actress at the El Grito International Fantastic Film Festival in Venezuela! Thank you so much to the jury for selecting me. I am so honored,” she said. The actress thanked her director and Viva Films for giving her the opportunity to play “Rebekah” in the said project. “Thank you, Lord, for carrying me through all of it. I learned a lot from this project, and working on it really reminded me why I love what I do!”

With director Roman Perez, Jr. at the helm, “Kaluskos” is Garcia’s only second film this 2022. “Ang alam natin sa horror, mga aswang, white lady, mga bad spirits,” Garcia told ABS-CBN News. “I don’t know if you will outrightly count ‘Kaluskos’ as a horror flick. But this is the closest to horror film that I’ve done.” Wrapping up a supernatural thriller like “Kaluskos” is a real accomplishment for Garcia. “It was great,” she said. “I love the material and I really love the script. I’m excited to get on with this project." “This supernatural thriller was the genre I was really waiting for. Masaya talaga. It was a role I could really play with."

“Kaluskos” tells the story of Rebekah, who seeks the custody of her daughter Amaya, but finds a different “Amaya” under her bed. The challenge for Rebekah to start a life with her daughter is finding the impostor between the two. The movie was also one of the entries in the 2022 Cinemalaya Film Festival.



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