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Bela Padilla to launch platform for filmmakers and fans to co-create films

MANILA, Philippines, April 1 ------ Bela Padilla is eyeing to release end of this year an NFT-centric platform that enables fans to be involved in the production of films and TV series.

“We have a website already called AndRoll. The idea of AndRoll is, hopefully, we change or we kind of disrupt the system as gently as we can but in a positive way,” the actress-filmmaker told The STAR in a recent interview.

According to its website, AndRoll is a “community of filmmakers and fans in the metaverse and real world,” which allows “movie and TV fans” to be part of the production and decision-making process — alongside directors, producers, screenwriters, artists and actors — with access to script excerpts, pre- and post-production discussions and voting. “Collaborators, on the other hand, get to strengthen their community of fans, backers and supporters by picking their brains and co-creating their film projects,” the site further said. Bela cited as an example her last film, Spellbound, co-starring Marco Gumabao. If it were enrolled in the platform, she said, “The fans can vote what Marco will wear in a certain scene,” etc.

As per website, the “roadmap” for AndRoll has two phases. The ongoing first phase includes setup of landing page with its first movie project, White Noise and release of a co-creation platform and marketplace, as well as setup of external recordings of production meetings, and Q&As with Bela being the film director. For the second phase in 2024, Bela and her team are looking to turn the platform into a real-life masterclass for filmmaking. There will be access to production meeting recordings within the platform; commenting and posting options; and next-gen releases of new film and TV projects, among others.

Her first project with AndRoll, White Noise, is a father-son drama in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be shot in Switzerland December of this year. The film is written, directed and produced by Bela. Through the platform, she said, fans “can read blogs that I personally write about filmmaking processes such as writing, why this part of the script is important. Basically, a masterclass in writing and directing, and anything production-related.”

“So, I tapped several members of the productions I’ve worked with to also help me, I guess, in areas na ‘di naman ako expert.” She continued, “So, it’s really like a deep dive into filmmaking because I noticed we don’t have enough courses in the Philippines. Or, aspiring filmmakers just don’t know where to start. So, yes, that’s why we’re doing AndRoll.”

Bela will be next seen in Viva Films’ Yung Libro Sa Napanood Ko, one of the official entries to the 2023 Summer Metro Manila Film Festival. Written and directed by the actress herself, it follows Lisa (Bela), a Filipino author who meets her fan, a Korean man named Kim Gun Hoo (Yoo Min-gon), at her book-signing event. The movie starts screening in theaters on April 8.



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