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Bea Alonzo shares ‘little things’ that make her love fiancé Dominic Roque more

October 7 ------ Bea Alonzo couldn’t help but gush over her fiancé Dominic Roque, as she shared the “little things” she observed from the actor while on a trip that “make her love him more.”

The Kapuso actress was all praises for her partner in a recent Instagram post, in which she narrated their commute from Lugano, Switzerland, to the region of Tuscany in Italy. “We took the train from Lugano to Milan, and from Milan, we had to ride another train to get to Florence. We then rented a car and drove to Tuscany. Although I helped, Dom did all the heavy lifting and managed to drive the vehicle,” said the “Love Before Sunrise” star.

Alonzo, who claimed that traveling together paves the way for discoveries between partners, also shared how her beau continued to capture her heart. “It still makes my heart melt when Dom helps the old lady carry her suitcase on the train, the way he offers to take a picture of a couple we pass by and promises to send them a high-[resolution] version of the photo, and just the way he goes down the hotel in the morning to get me a good cup of coffee,” she expressed. “No relationship is perfect, but these qualities offset all the others. It’s the little things that make me love him more,” continued the former ABS-CBN artist.



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