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Bamboo embarks on North America concert tour with KZ

MANILA, March 27 ------ Everything is on the upswing when it comes to live concerts in the US and even in Canada.

There appears to be an exodus of local artists who are performing abroad, mostly doing a series of shows, as they make up for lost time after three years of this pandemic. Bamboo joins the list of entertainers doing gigs abroad as he is set to rock North America, with a series of shows in the US and Canada, where he will be joined by KZ Tandingan, as well as his band. “I’m just excited that we’re going back to North America,” Bamboo told ABS-CBN News. “I’m sure it’s going to be fun. Other Filipino artists are circulating globally. That has been one of our flags and stamps. We are known because of that, to play in great venues. That’s what I look forward to, as well. So, let’s kick some butts.”

Bamboo will do shows on April 14 at the Enso Event Center in Vancouver, Canada; April 16 at the Snoqualmie Casino in Seattle, Washington; April 22 at the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino in Palm Springs, California; April 23 at Hard Rock Live in Sacramento, California; April 28 at the Jefebet Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. He will perform by his lonesome on May 5 at the Patio Theater in Chicago, Illinois; and May 6 at the Global Kingdom Ministries in Toronto, Canada. Producer of the shows is Dan Tran. “It’s different when you tour out of the country,” Bamboo said. “We’re all together with the band. We spend time together and that affects our music, as well. When the ball starts rolling, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s about staying creative.”

Tandingan, for her part, feels very excited to perform abroad again. “The energy naipon for three years, sobrang nagpupumiglas ng lumabas,” she said. “I am just very excited to be on those stages and just perform for our kababayans. “I am very honored to perform with coach Bamboo. It’s a dream for all artists to perform with him. Kahit nga nasa likod lang ako and just snapping my fingers. I’m just very happy that I get to perform with him onstage. Kahit ilang beses ko na napanood si coach Bamboo, it’s always a mind-blowing experience whenever you watch him perform onstage, especially with the band.”

For Bamboo, who was born and raised in the US, it is also a kind of homecoming. “Anytime I play in the Bay Area, in Sacramento, it’s a different thing. A different energy," he said. “I got family coming from all over – Chicago, the Bay Area, LA, even Vancouver [Canada] – and they have to watch the whole thing. I love going home. They will ask me, ‘Should we pick you up in a limo?’ I like to come home and gets slammed by my family.”

Bamboo and Tandingan have done multiple shows out of the country, but as part of the entourage of “ASAP,” ABS-CBN’s Sunday noontime show. “We don’t really have a musical director [MD] for this one,” Bamboo said. “I’m performing with my band. It’s a collaborative thing from our process. Lucky enough, it’s a band that KZ is very familiar with as well. We even share some players. We’re one big happy village. It’s about more music and staying creative which I love doing. That’s my day job. I just look forward to do more albums, more collaborations.”

Tandingan is very excited to share the stage with Bamboo for this tour. “I’m super grateful that I’m chosen for this tour,” she said. “If there’s something to expect, everytime we go onstage it’s always high on performance. Wala na silang matitirang energy by the end of the concert because ilalabas na naming lahat.” Bamboo agreed with Tandingan. “KZ and I, we take a lot of pride in live shows,” he said. “It’s a flag we carry. At the end of the night, people were just immersed in our show. People are sweaty. They didn’t feel like they’re watching the show. They feel like they’re part of the show. We don’t know what will happen once you put KZ and me onstage with the band, that sort of chemistry. We take pride that we’re doing it on the flag. Let the people guide us through that. We’re going to have fun.”

As part of the new season of “The Voice Kids,” Bamboo and Tandingan both enjoy coaching kids. The show marks the first time they are together in a reality singing competition. “I’ve been in the business for a while, we sort of guide young artists,” Bamboo said. “That’s a gift in itself. The kids today are so different. They are so immersed in music. It’s YouTube 24/7. Their taste is so vast. Before, it was so different. They are coming in with a lot of knowledge already.”

Meanwhile, Tandingan always tells the kids to simply have fun onstage. “At this point, they are still trying to figure out who they want to become, what they want to become,” she said. “Sometimes, they overthink their performance, trying to sound in a certain way. Or I have to sound like the artist who’s singing the original song. Sometimes, they forget to have fun onstage and that’s very important for the audience to be able to connect with them. That’s why we always tell them to just try and relax. Enjoy. Just let the story tell itself through you,” she added.

Bamboo attributes his staying power by being with the right people and having a good foundation. He also refused to acknowledge that he’s iconic. “I don’t go to bed thinking about that, that I’m iconic. I’m always of the mind that I’m just starting again. As a full-time musician, it’s about creating albums and moving forward. Every single time, I’m always saying, how can I do that? Will I be able to do that again? How can I replicate that magic trick? Lucky enough, I’m able to do it from point. I will also say I do that with the knowledge now of knowing I do it with collaboration with a lot of people involved in the creative process.”

“That’s the most gratifying thing that’s a gift of my job. When you love to play, that’s the most humbling thing. You are humbled by the support of the people, by the energy given. It’s staying with the people who believe in you, who are going to push you and always putting yourself in a position where I can always say go where you can grow.”



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