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Anne Curtis on how to be a pursuer of dreams, goal maker

December 4 ------ It’s always refreshing to see celebrities who go beyond their limelight persona and talk about ideas they are passionate about. One of them is Anne Curtis, who, years back, shared her advocacy for children’s rights with UNICEF, and now, encourages everyone to be a goal maker.

“I hope it has been common knowledge that I’ve always been a pursuer of dreams,” said Anne in an intimate, virtual group interview. Her body of work as an actress, host and performer is a clear proof to that. “When you think about it, it kinda goes hand in hand being a pursuer of dreams and being a goal maker,” added she and drew the line that separates one from the other. “I mean being a dreamer is a little bit more romantic, whereas being a goal maker is really more productive, attainable and it really speaks to everyone, who is so serious about life… I think there’s a big difference there, but I still won’t take away that culture of being a dreamer, especially for the young ones.”

In this endeavor, Anne finds it’s all about making that personal and professional decision of attaining financial stability. The first financial advice that she ever received, she said, “was to separate my savings. One would be for savings. One would be for tax, like separating it in different accounts,” added she. “When you reach a certain point for your savings, you have that extra account for when you can splurge for yourself and treat yourself to anything that you want to spoil yourself with.” Anne also recalled that the pandemic as well as the time she became a mother had given her the time “to relax and take a step back, being someone, who was such a workaholic, na talagang every day trabaho, Showtime, movie, mall show, kung saan-saan, I was focused on that entertainment work, acting life that I had or hosting life.” It afforded Anne, the brand ambassador, too, to foray into her other passions like putting up a business with her co-founders.

“With Solenn (Heussaff), we did Tili Dahli (a baby apparel brand) at the peak of the pandemic because we were newborn mothers and we wanted to be able to, you know, have an organic Filipino brand for children. And then, we did, of course, Recess, which is an activewear brand for women… It gave me an opportunity to discover this other side of me.” Following her line of thought, one can say that having a policy has helped her be prepared for the rainy days and the time to consider investing her hard-earned money. “So, I think it’s all about working hard and learning how to prepare for those rainy days and seeking professional advice from people who can help you.”

As everyone knows, she marked her return to show business via the LUV-ANNE: The Comeback concert in June and resumed her hosting career in It’s Showtime. “I started with once a week. I spoke to my co-hosts about it saying that ‘I’ve been out of the limelight for almost two years, hindi ko na alam if I can keep up with everyone,’ yung batuhan ng jokes, alangan pa ako. So, I did once a week and then, I built up my confidence,” she said. “So ngayon, nasa twice a week na ako. And then, I also wanted to have a proper time management of being a mom and being a wife, and of course, my businesses as well, now that I’m a co-founder and creative director. For now, it’s twice a week, pero kinakausap nila ako kung pwede next year thrice a week. So, from baby steps, I’m starting to take a huge step into this world again.” Part of it, too, is seeing her essay roles on the big and small screens in various acting genres.

“Hopefully, next year, I could do a film or a series. Abangan,” Anne, a wife to Erwan Heussaff and mother to two-year-old Dahlia, piqued her followers’ interest. “And I think, especially now that Dahlia is a little older, she is a little bit more independent, mas may confidence na rin ako to do projects which would require me being away from her for longer hours. During the first two years of her life, parang hindi ko pa kayang iwanan. So, now that, you know, she’s nearing three na and she’s confident and she’s going to school na rin, parang feeling ko kaya na rin na bumalik to do a series. It’s really my passion to act din. So, excited din ako bumalik sa industry.”

As a goal maker herself, Anne will take things slowly but surely or one day at a time. The next time she’ll be seen, she’s in the thick of things talking about her acting project. For now, let Anne remind one the importance of saving for the rainy days.



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