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Andrea Brillantes ‘more determined’ to fulfill self-promises this year

January 18 ------ Andrea Brillantes said her resolution for 2024 is to put more effort into turning her goals into reality, after dealing with failed self-promises last year. 


During a guest appearance with her “Senior High” co-stars on Magandang Buhay on Jan. 17, Brillantes reflected on promises she made the previous year and vowed to herself that she would change her attitude to attain more goals this year. “Kasi parang ang dami kong sinabi nung 2023 na ‘I want to do this, I want to do that.’ Pero I just realized like a couple of weeks ago na I didn’t put enough actions to make it come true, to put it into reality,” she shared. 


The “Kadenang Ginto” star further elaborated on the things she promised herself to do last year but ended up not doing, even though some of these goals were already many years old. “For example, it doesn’t have to be malalim po. like puro ako ‘I want to eat healthy, I want to work out’ never ko siyang nagawa. Parang ‘yung workout na ‘yon parang 2016 pa yata eh or like ‘I want to get my driver’s license’ pero puro ako ‘wala kasi akong time,'” said the actress. Brillantes affirmed her commitment to her plans for this year, as she claimed 2024 is the year she will succeed in putting more actions into her self-promises. “Pero this year, I am going to make time and I am going to put an extra effort para magawa ko na talaga ‘yung plans ko for 2024. Stop procrastinating na rin. At saka ‘yung promises ko sa self ko, tutuparin ko this year. This is the year,” she declared.  




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