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Alexa Ilacad enjoys the ‘princess treatment’ from KD Estrada

September 7 ------ One of the reasons the TV5 afternoon drama Pira-Pirasong Paraiso is being followed is because of the presence of Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada, whose love team is dubbed by fans as KDLex. Their chemistry, first noticed during their Pinoy Big Brother stint in 2021, has been proven in other projects but being paired for the first time in a teleserye has allowed them to discover never-before-seen sides to each other. “We’ve seen the good and the very bad,” Alexa quipped to The Philippine STAR in a recent one-on-one interview.

For KD though, he has come to appreciate Alexa more “because she’s such a professional actress.” “She’s super talented. When I see her on set, whoa, I become a fan of Alexa because of how good she is in her drama sequences,” said KD.

Reacting to her leading man’s comment, she said, “I think with KD, he knows that when it’s time for work, I really transform into a different kind of person. “But with this teleserye, it’s been quite different for me. The amount of focus that I’m really pouring out into this is crazy. So, I’m just thankful and appreciative of him because he understands that. “He understands how I can get because of how serious I am about this.”

Alexa also said that she discovered so many different things about KD through Pira-Pirasong Paraiso. “He’s usually quiet but now I realized how observant he is and how hard he tries to catch up with everyone else,” she observed. “He’s very new but he has an extra drive. And as an introvert, it’s a bit hard to reach out to all but he does everything really well.” Both are introverts but KD is more introverted, Alexa pointed out. How would they compare their dynamics on and off set? KD said, “On set of course, we’re no longer KD and Alexa. We want to be professional, always on time and when we get to the set, we already know our lines, we already know what to do. Very focused.” Added Alexa, “When we’re together, well not just us, but every one, we have so much fun together to the point na grabe kami maglokohan, magtawanan as in wagas po talaga as if hindi kami nag-iiyakan the next minute. Because we’re so comfortable with each other is the reason we’re able to do that. We’re able to help each other and our characters. This whole group is really cool.”

Both used the word “blessing” when asked to describe this opportunity to work again with each other. Said KD, “It’s a blessing to just work with Alexa, she’s been in the industry for so many years, and for someone fairly new to be paired with someone this talented and this experienced, I’m very lucky. “For me, that’s a bonus because I’m really connected with Alexa. We’re really sincere and genuine with each other.” As for Alexa, who started out as a child star in showbiz, she never expected she’d find a love team partner in KD. She was already happy establishing herself as a solo artist. “I’ve been really working hard as a solo actress, which I’ve been happy about. Na-survive ko naman, I was able to showcase my talents solo and I was able to show people that I can shine on my own. “But of course, having KD, it’s always going to be a blessing. To have someone you care for and who cares for you, and you’re able to work with each other every day, it’s always going to be a blessing.”

She further commented, “Let’s be honest, in this industry, it’s always a bonus to have a love team. I’m not gonna lie. It’s just the way things are. There’s just that extra push that adds favor when you have a love team. “So, of course, right now, I’m really enjoying this princess treatment. I mean, having a loveteam kasi, lakas maka-baby girl. So kung dati, independent, strong woman, I’m in my soft-baby girl era hahaha! “But it’s good! I think with everything happy right now, we’re very grateful because we’re also able to explore things individually and not just as a loveteam. I can do solo projects, he can do that as well. And we can shine individually and together.”

One thing is for sure, amid KDLex’s recent confirmation that they are already in the courtship stage, both readily admitted that they are an inspiration to each other. “We inspire each other and not just inspire but also motivate and help each other. When one is low energy, we always try to make the other feel that we’re here for each other, and that I’m here for you,” said KD. Alexa also said that they make an effort to balance each other out. “It’s a 50-50 effort all the time. When one of us is (feeling) 20, the other one fills the 80 (percent). It’s always like that,” she said.

Meanwhile, the two recognized the major milestone that has been made with TV5 and ABS-CBN’s Dreamscape Entertainment joining forces for the first time for Pira-Pirasong Paraiso. Alexa said, “I am personally very happy about this, about everyone merging and collaborating because that creates more opportunities not just for us artists but for our crew, our staff, for everybody. (It means) more work for everyone.”



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