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Alden Richards, Michelle Dee, Beks Batallion bring joy to OFWs

December 12 ------ Following its success in 2022, GMA Public Affairs and Youtube are teaming up anew for the second year of “Pinoy Christmas in Our Hearts,” an online digital series that showcases heartwarming holiday stories of Filipinos featuring Asia’s Multimedia Star Alden Richards, YouTube vloggers Beks Batallion, and Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee. 


Youtube content creator Beks Battalion joins Alden and Michelle in bringing joy to the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) by allowing them to experience the unique Christmas tradition in the Philippines.   


Alden will make a fan’s holiday season extra special this year. Abigail Gallosa, an OFW from Hong Kong, has been away from her family for almost five years to support her sister and mother in Cebu. To cope with her homesickness, she finds joy in being a fan of Alden. As her contract ends, she will finally have the opportunity to surprise her sister and mother by spending the holidays with them. But, as a special treat, Alden will surprise Abigail with a ‘holi-date’ in the Christmas Capital of the Philippines – Pampanga. Together, they will create traditional fish lanterns and listen to the parish choir singing Pastorela.  


Beks Batallion will likewise spread love and joy to a hardworking local of Siargao. Mariel Larsen, a Pinay fruit-picker and vlogger, has been away from her parents in Siargao for almost six years during Christmas. She has been working hard in the vast farms of Australia while living in a camper van for years with her Australian husband, David, and their four-year-old son. However, Mariel has a surprise for her parents and family in Siargao — she and her family will fly home to spend the holidays on the island. To add to the surprise, Beks Battalion will be helping them build a giant Belen in Tarlac for the annual Belenismo event. 


Finally, Michelle will surely paint a smile on a teenager’s face through a simple yet meaningful present. Sire Garcia, a sixteen-year-old boy, is keenly interested in Science and Robotics, which he inherited from his father, Jervin. Jervin worked as an OFW in Saudi Arabia for almost 12 years. Sire was overjoyed when his father returned home on Nov. 14, but unfortunately, Jervin had to go abroad earlier than expected. To make up for his early departure, Jervin arranged for Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee to take Sire and his siblings on an adventure-filled day as an early Christmas gift. 




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