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Alden Richards is at his busiest

August 5 ------ Alden Richards has the distinction of being the first-ever actor to be featured in four consecutive Magpakailanman episodes and in four different heartwarming stories. The weekend drama anthology special premieres on Saturday at 8:15 p.m. with narratives about a marathon runner, social media influencer, guy with tattoos and piercings, and caregiver for family members.

This goes to show that Alden is not resting on his laurels, acting-wise, and always on the lookout for projects that will test his mettle. He is not backing down. “Yes, they did,” answered Alden when asked by The STAR, during a recent virtual press conference, if his taping schedule for Magpakailanman overlapped with the shooting for the 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival entry, A Mother And Son’s Story, at some point. The film stars him and Sharon Cuneta in the titular roles. “Since it’s already pegged (set) in August, kailangan ko na po talaga siyang gawin at gusto ko siyang gawin (I had to do it and I liked the idea),” said he of the Magpakailanman special. “Kaya ko yan, laban tayo dyan kahit ongoing pa yung movie namin ni Ms. Sharon (I told myself, ‘I could do it even if I had an ongoing movie with Ms. Sharon’). Kumbaga, may certain way naman po ako na-iwan yung character ko dito, then, isusuot ko siya ulit, tapos iba na naman, suot ulit (I have my way of switching characters, putting this character aside as I take on another, and vice versa).”

On a rare opportunity of shuttling from one set to another and tackling one role after another, Alden added, “I don’t really give myself a hard time being the character. If you become too mental about everything, the movement, (the way) you deliver the lines, makikita siya sa camera, it will transcend, bakit aral na aral (why is the acting very calculated)?”

What he would do is to relax and take it easy, said Alden. Reading the script, the text where the drama is based upon, allows him to understand about his character’s context (where he is coming from) and personality. From there, he lets his creativity flow and strikes a balance between “being mental and being emotional.” Alden finds the latter as two vital elements in acting. This craft, as a form of art, requires intelligence and sensitivity to be in someone else’s shoes, as one may add. “Nung nilatag po ito na gagawa (ako) ng Magpakailanman na one month, game (When the Magpakailanman special was presented to me, I said, ‘Game’),” recalled he in the group interview. “It was challenging for me and at the same time, I wanted to give it a try (and further see where my skill can go) in playing different characters. This was an opportunity and lately, I have wanted to challenge myself when it comes to this, para hindi laging komportable. Ayoko pong na-re-relax when it comes to acting. I want to do something different.”

Alden knows that stepping out of one’s comfort zone is healthy for an acting career. The think tank behind the drama special gave Alden the freedom to choose the roles to play and the stories to tell. They let him “discover the characters in my own way,” said he, and with their guidance. Since the script for each episode was given ahead of time, Alden had ample time to familiarize himself with the characters and their life stories.

The Sparkle GMA Artist Center actor will also be seen in the film, Five Break-ups and A Romance, starring opposite Julia Montes, whose playdate is sometime in October. “My character is basically a carefree guy na mas mahal niya yung sarili (who loves himself more) than any other people around him,” said he. “But he is also in love with this woman, the character played by Julia, but until when tayo magiging ganito (until when they will remain in that kind of situation), it’s recurring.” Alden added that it’s a break-up movie, composed of five parts, and about the lead characters’ journey together. With A Mother And Son’s Story, Alden described his character as “a mama’s boy with a dream. Na-i-irita siya sa nanay niya (He gets annoyed) every time he gets reprimanded (by his mother). Nung nawala yun, hinahanap niya. When he becomes a little (more) independent, he feels that the life of his mom is no longer revolving around him.” Alden shared that there will be a role reversal between the mother and son. “Without him knowing siya na yung nagiging nanay and then, yung sarili niya before yun yung nagiging nanay niya ngayon. Those are the (relationship) dynamics (between the mom and son).”

Aside from acting and hosting the Battle of the Judges, Alden also has a foundation to look after. “We already have 27 scholars at the moment and I think we already have three graduates, and then, at the end of the year, there are three more who will graduate from college,” concluded he.



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