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AIDA Cruises embarks on largest to-date fleet modernization program

February 22 ------ German cruise line AIDA Cruises, part of Carnival Corporation, has launched AIDA Evolution, the largest fleet modernization program in the company’s history, to make its ships future-proof and more environmentally friendly. As part of its decarbonization strategy, AIDA Cruises has been investing in a sustainable cruise market for many years and is putting innovative solutions into practice.


As early as 2004, when the first Sphinx-class ship was ordered, the company considered the use of shore power in ports to reduce local emissions. In recent years, AIDA Cruises has not only invested billions of euros in advanced propulsion and environmental technology for its new ships but has also continuously implemented a wide range of efficiency measures in ship operation and retrofitted new technologies on the ships of its existing fleet.


As part of the upcoming shipyard overhauls, further investments are planned, including measures to reduce fuel consumption, increase energy efficiency and conserve resources. “We are committed to constantly rethinking cruising. The ships of the Sphinx series have written cruise history with their innovative space concept and colorful design. The AIDA Evolution program will further develop these fantastic ships,” Felix Eichhorn, President of AIDA Cruises, commented.


As part of Carnival Corporation & plc’s family of cruise brands, the company has set a goal to reduce its carbon intensity by 20 percent by 2026 compared to 2019. The first phase of the program will be a major overhaul of the Sphinx ships AIDAdiva, AIDAbella and AIDAluna in 2025 and 2026. The focus will be on a new interior design of the ships. In addition, technical equipment and systems will be updated. The ships in the Sphinx series, which also include AIDAsol, AIDAblue, AIDAmar and AIDAstella, were commissioned between 2007 and 2013.



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