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Abby Clutario explores love's many expressions in new album Lambing

February 22 ------ Kapuso multi-instrumentalist and singer, Abby Clutario, will drop her first album titled Lambing with AltG Records tomorrow, Feb. 23, on all streaming platforms worldwide.


The concept behind it, as Abby shared in a recent virtual interview, “is very close to us (or to our hearts). That’s love.” Regarding its title, she added that lambing is one of the many expressions of love, and is associated with being nice and sweet to the significant other or special someone, if one may add. “When we say in Filipino lambing, maglalambing, palambing naman and try to translate any of it in English, there’s no English word that will encapsulate its meaning,” Abby reflected. “The five songs that are here in the album have all forms of love in them.” So, the two originals and three cover songs are perhaps Abby’s take on lambing (fondness) and love. “The carrier single is Laho, followed by Naglalambing and our favorite songs, which I released last year, they’re included in it, Chichi Wo Motomete (the “Voltes V” theme song). There’s Tadhana (by Up Dharma Down) and the original theme song of ‘Mulawin,’ Ikaw Nga,” said she. 


The songs demonstrate the how-tos of showing love, like when one is shy about it, deals with a feeling of fear, wishes to reconnect with a former lover, or expresses it to a parent. “So iba-iba at mahuhuli naman nila yun (the expression of love is different and varied, but the listeners will understand each expression) once they listen to the album as a whole,” shared she. As for composing the originals, Laho and Naglalambing, Abby had music partners and guest artists who helped her put them together. However, she was in charge of the main instrument on each track. It’s a good thing that her previously released covers complement each other and the new singles. They all support the theme of love. “I wanted to release an album in the love month,” said she. “We, Filipinos, when it comes to love and love songs, we’re really game for it.”


Asked what musical instruments are being highlighted in the songs, Abby answered, “With the cover songs (that I’ve released) before, the chapman stick is highlighted. You will still hear it in Chichi Wo and Tadhana. But for all the other songs, they are mostly keyboard-based, either with a piano sound or a synth sound. I also worked with awesome artists on this album, you will also hear (guitar), especially in Laho. It is a guitar-driven song, meron din kayong maririnig na ganun.” As a music artist, Abby is wearing different hats — from being a composer, singer to instrumentalist and arranger. She knows that choosing the right set of musical instruments plays a key role in setting the mood of any song. “When you’re choosing instruments or you’re already choosing instruments to represent your whole song, it’s usually called areglo or arrangement. Yes, I take that into consideration because I’m an arranger myself,” said she. “When we compose, we already think of, let’s say, ito yung magandang tunog para dyan (this is the good sound for this) or this will complement these instruments.”


Being a multi-faceted talent is something Abby aspires to. “Yun din yung gusto ko na makilala ako. Kumbaga, I’m a singer-songwriter. I get to play and I can make my own songs, but at the same time, I can support somebody.” She was referring to another aspect of her music career, which Abby described as the “session world.” “That’s where I just play keyboards for somebody (or fellow artists) to support them in their own kind of music,” said the singer. To further introduce Lambing to the public, Abby will embark on an album tour as her publicity team informed this paper. The first stop is at 88 Fryer on Feb. 22, today. Joining her in the musical treat are Plume, Pido, and Charlene Ong as guest performers. She will grace 70s Bistro and 19 East on March 2 and 12, respectively. Abby concludes the tour on March 22 at Tago Jazz Bar.




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