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'A Very Good Girl' coming to US cinemas in October

MANILA, September 1 ------ “A Very Good Girl,” starring Kathryn Bernardo and Golden Globe nominee Dolly de Leon, will also be shown in US cinemas starting October 13.

American multiplatform media company The Wrap announced this in an article on Wednesday. “I’m really excited for the upcoming release of ‘A Very Good Girl’ in North America,” de Leon said in an interview with The Wrap. "This is a great opportunity for Philippine cinema to reach a wider audience and for filmgoers and movie lovers around the world to see that we really have a lot to offer and that the quality of work we do here is world class,” she said. Bernardo added: “This is my first time experiencing this so this is something new for me, for Star Cinema, and it’s such an honor to be part of this experience. Hopefully this will open more opportunities not just for Star Cinema but also for other Filipino films.”

“A Very Good Girl" will open first in Philippine theaters on September 27.

De Leon and Bernardo wrapped up the filming of the movie, which was directed by Petersen Vargas, last July. “A Very Good Girl” also stars Jake Ejercito, Angel Aquino, and Chie Filomeno, Donna Cariaga, Gillian Vicencio, Ana Abad Santos, Kaori Oinuma, Althea Ruedas, Nathania Guerrero, and Nour Hooshmand.



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