Trump calls Duterte by phone to discuss bilateral efforts vs. COVID-19

April 20 ------ US President Donald Trump reached out to President Duterte Sunday night on reported efforts to enhance cooperation in addressing the coronavirus pandemic. The President received a phone call from Trump at his official residence, according to his former assistant and now senator Christopher “Bong” Go. Go told reporters that the two leaders were expected to tackle “bilateral cooperation against COVID-19.” The senator shared photos of the President while conversing with Trump on the phone. Malacañang has yet to release details of the President’s latest phone conversation with the U.S. leader. The latest phone conversation between the two leaders occurred as both nations are battling the spread of the coronavirus disease. Duterte, in his public address last week, criticized the United States for “causing problems” for the Philippines after reportedly trying to entice Filipino nurses to work in their hospitals amid the coronavirus pandemic. The President said the United States should rely on its own human resources instead of recruiting the country’s pool of medical personnel. Duterte said he does not blame health workers if they work abroad for better compensation, but expressed his hope not all professionals will leave the country amid the coronavirus crisis. Source: