Small Business Ideas in the Philippines You Can Start with 10k

Homemade Beverage or Palamig Business

Start-up cost: PHP 500 to PHP 5,000

Items to invest in: Ingredients, purified water, containers, plastic bottles

Selling ice-cold drinks is one of the low-cost yet profitable negosyo ideas in a tropical country like the Philippines. Ice-cold milk teas, coffees, and fruit drinks are a hit during summer, but can be sold all year round. For as low as PHP 500, you can start selling your drink concoction.

Home-Cooked Meals

Start-up cost: PHP 1,000 to PHP 8,000

Items to invest in: Meal ingredients, plastic containers, kitchenware

Selling home-cooked meals is one of the most enjoyable low capital business ideas, especially if you have a passion for cooking. It’s time-consuming, but you would only need a capital as low as PHP 1,000 for this business.

You can advertise your meals online on social media for a start and only cook meals on a made-to-order basis.

Cellphone Loading Business

Start-up cost: PHP 5,000 to PHP 8,000

Items to invest in: Basic phone, retailer SIM card, starting balance of PHP 5,000

Perhaps one of the easiest small business ideas to put up is a cellphone loading business. For as low as PHP 5,000, you can start earning at home or even at the office.

However, unlike other small business ideas in the Philippines, don’t expect to earn much from this venture. As a load retailer, you get your earnings through a commission, which can be 3% to 13% per transaction. For example, a prepaid load worth PHP 50 may deduct PHP 47 from your load wallet, leaving you with a PHP 3 profit, depending on your chosen telecommunications company.