Seniors, youth players OK to play as Valley Golf opens gates

May 27 ------ As parts of the country relax quarantine measures, more golf clubs are beginning to reopen their gates. Valley Golf & Country Club is set to resume operations Wednesday, May 27, with 3 clubs in Davao also welcoming back players after being shut down for weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown.

Located in Antipolo city, Rizal, Valley Golf said only club members will be let in. It announced on Facebook over the weekend that seniors and players younger than 21 years old will be allowed to play, granted they sign a waiver. Participants must also make sure they return to their point of origin after they’re done playing.

Among the guidelines Valley Golf set are:

- strict enforcement of no mask, no entry policy

- use of cart is limited only to the member-player, as caddies are required to walk

- ban on players touching the pins

- suspension of hole-in-one awards

The rest of Valley Golf’s guidelines can be read here. In southern Philippines, Apo Golf Club, Rancho Palos Verdes and South Pacific in Davao are scheduled to open Thursday, May 28, ABS-CBN News has learned.

At Apo, besides the requisite use of face masks, players:

- are barred from shaking hands and high-fiving;

- can only take out food and drinks at the club concessionaire;

- required to use the golf cart (one player per cart);

- are required to observe physical distancing rules.

Golf is one of a few sports with limited physical contact allowed to relaunch in general quarantine areas. Clubs such as those in Negros Occidental and Cavite restarted operations last week.