Pacquiao to fight again if COVID-19 fades by July

MANILA, March 30 ------ Manny Pacquiao’s calendar of fights for the year will depend on how the COVID-19 pandemic plays out. Conditioning coach Justin Fortune said the 8-division champion can still cram in two fights in 2020 if the dreaded disease fades away by July.

“The way I see it, Manny can go back-to-back and still fight twice this year. Everything depends on the coronavirus. If boxing is back to normal by the end of June or in July,” Fortune told Philboxing.  “Manny can fight Mikey first then another challenger by December. Manny will be 42 by the end of this year. He can sit back and relax but knowing Manny, he’s got a lot of fight left in him.”

Fortune added that Garcia will be an interesting match for Pacquiao. Garcia, who has recently been campaigning as a welterweight, made it clear that he wants to challenge the Filipino champion. And Pacquiao seems receptive, as well. “I think it’ll be an entertaining fight as long as it lasts,” Fortune told Philboxing. “This will be Mikey’s chance to cash in. Everybody wants to fight Manny because of the payday. Mikey works hard and will give a good fight but Manny’s stronger and faster.”

But the Australian trainer thinks Pacquiao will be too much for Garcia, the brother of boxing coach Danny Garcia. “It’ll be done in six or seven rounds,” he said.