OSG asked to respond to unattended civil case on Marcos ill-gotten wealth

MANILA, Philippines, March 13 ------ The Sandiganbayan has ordered the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) to respond over its failure to take the necessary legal action on the civil case involving late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth. In a resolution dated Feb. 20 but was sent to the media on Thursday, the anti-graft court’s fourth division said the OSG, headed by Solicitor General Jose Calida, did not make “proper legal action” on the civil case.

“To date, the plaintiff has failed to inform this Court of the necessary legal action it has undertaken,” read the resolution. “Wherefore, the Office of the Solicitor General is DIRECTED to inform the Court within five days from notice thereof the proper legal action it has undertaken or intends to undertake thereon,” it added. The OSG failed to take legal action on Civil Case No. 0178 against 20 persons who had shares of stock in the company, Eastern Telecommunication Philippines, which were part of Marcos’ family’s ill-gotten wealth.

Source: inquirer.net