Neil Arce reveals Angel Locsin has been crying nonstop over ABS-CBN shutdown

May 6 ------ Following the shutdown of the largest media network in the Philippines, ABS-CBN, Neil Arce took to Instagram to share how heartbroken he is after seeing his fiancée Angel Locsin crying nonstop. While the 35-year-old celebrity isn’t directly affected by the shutdown of ABS-CBN due to her non-renewal of contract, her heart goes to the 11,000 employees of the network, according to Neil. “Breaks my heart seeing her like this. Angel didn't renew her contract. So technically she did not lose her job. She’s been crying non-stop since she saw the News online because she knows 11,000 people lost their jobs,” Arce wrote. Meanwhile, Neil also noted the importance of information dissemination and entertainment during this time of crisis. “We’ve been under ECQ for two months now trying to save lives. Wala pang 10,000 ang may covid dito pero ngayon 11,000 na tao ang mawawalan ng trabaho at milyon-milyong na Pilipino ang hindi makakatanggap ng quick information and konting kaligayahan sa mga panahon na ito,” he stated. Calling out the National Telecommunications Commission for the cease and desist order it has issued upon ABS-CBN, he wrote: “NTC, you are evil. How dare you take away 11,000 jobs? We will remember this.” Neil has been helping Angel, one of the biggest celebrities at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, in her humanitarian efforts. ABS-CBN has been temporarily closed down after the National Telecommunications Commission failed to issue the company a provisional permit to operate last Tuesday, May 5, and instead issued a cease and desist order. Source: