Military says terror threat in Philippines 'moderate' amid Japan's warning

MANILA, Philippines, September 15 ------ Following Japan's warning of possible attack in six Southeast Asian countries, the Armed Forces of the Philippines on Wednesday said the current threat level in the country is "moderate." The Japanese Embassy in Manila earlier confirmed that the Japanese government received information about possible terror attacks in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Philippine Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Demy Zagala said the military seriously takes all reports pertaining to security matters, especially terrorism. "We constantly validate all reports on security matters and it is a continuous process. As per last review our threat level is moderate," Zagala tweeted Wednesday morning. Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., meanwhile, said "it doesn't hurt to listen and take precautions" after Japan's warning. "Japanese intelligence is focused on real threats and its information gathering capabilities are legendary," Locsin tweeted Tuesday night.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said it has not been officially informed about this matter, but noted that travel alerts of countries on their citizens are usually not notified to other countries. The Japanese Embassy in Manila on Tuesday confirmed that it has issued a warning alert to Japanese people living in some Southeast Asian countries. "The Japanese government has received information about a possible terror attack, but we cannot give you any detailed background at the moment," the Japanese Embassy said in a statement.