Matteo finally breaks silence on Day 6 of wedded bliss

February 28 ------ It’s our sixth day together. These are the best days of my life.” Actor-triathlete Matteo Guidicelli issued this statement during his first public appearance last Wednesday afternoon, six days after he tied the knot with pop superstar Sarah Geronimo at a Christian wedding in Taguig City on Feb. 20. “I just got married. This is my first event [as a married man],” Matteo declared during his ceremonial contract signing as ambassador of the food supplement Santé Barley. Earlier he took to Instagram to finally break his silence about his wedding and the drama that ensued. “02 20 2020. A day full of pure love, honesty and genuine emotions. Yes, we got married. Mr. and Mrs. Guidicelli,” he said, confirming his marriage to Sarah whom he had been dating for seven years.

“The evening was almost perfect until some unexpected events took place,” he lamented. “In time, with God’s grace and love, everything will heal and fall into place.” After the Christian rites, the newlyweds proceeded to the Ministry of Crab restaurant at Shangri-La at The Fort hotel, where Sarah’s mother, Divine, raised a ruckus for being kept in the dark over the couple’s marriage plans. The incident escalated and allegedly led to a physical altercation between Matteo and Sarah’s bodyguard. The actor denied laying a hand on anyone. “Don’t worry, I never punched anyone,” maintained the 29-year-old actor and Army reservist, who vowed to keep Sarah from harm’s way. “I will forever stand up [for] and protect my wife just as how my father would protect my whole family.” Despite the fracas that marred their special day, Matteo and Sarah are, nonetheless, looking forward to starting a new chapter. “We would like to express the overwhelming joy, love and excitement we have in beginning our life together,” he said.

While he and Sarah opted to keep the marriage “as intimate as possible” citing “private matters,” Matteo stressed that their love journey wouldn’t be complete without the people supporting them every step of the way. “Thank you. Friends, family and everyone on social media have been a source of inspiration, strength and, most importantly, of love,” he pointed out. Matteo likewise thanked his family for treating Sarah as one of their own. “I would like to say thank you to my family for loving Sarah like a daughter. Our family is growing and we are blessed. Papa and Mama, thank you for deeply loving and welcoming Sarah into our family,” he said. Accompanying Matteo’s Instagram message is a photo of him and Sarah, smiling and with arms intertwined while holding champagne flutes—a toast to their future. “We are happy, we are blessed, and we are husband and wife! Let’s always celebrate life and love! Nothing will ever defeat pure, honest love,” he said. “God bless everyone for your love and support!”