Lani Misalucha back with modern ballad

February 21 ------ Lani Misalucha has released her comeback single “I Can’t Give Anymore.”

The song is a modern ballad written by three writers—Filipino, American and Korean—and it is the “Asia’s Nightingale’s” effort to reach a more global audience for her music. “It’s not like the traditional, old school ballad songs that we know of which are usually heavy. The approach of this ballad is very forward, something fresh for Lani,” ABS-CBN Music creative manager Jonathan Manalo explained. The powerhouse belter is also aware that branching out is inevitable, given that the music preference of people these days is evolving.

“First of all, the type of music that I do somehow already has a specific target market. Now what we’re trying to do is reach out to the young people, the millennials through these efforts where we put it out (on digital platforms) and then we’re also trying to do a song which the younger generation can relate to,” she said. “I Can’t Give Anymore” will only be one of the all-English songs that will be rolled out one after the other until a 12-track album is complete. Aside from this, she is also set to breathe life into the theme song of an upcoming teleserye, then headline a concert after the album’s release.