Keith Thurman raring for rematch with Manny Pacquiao

June 21 ------ Keith Thurman is raring for the chance to get back at Manny Pacquiao for beating him by split decision last year.


In a report from, the American boxer said he wants to avenge the only loss in his career so far. "It was just such an amazing experience. It was one of my favorite fights of all time," he said. "I'd love to relive it and possibly get that opportunity to get the belt back." Pacquiao walked away with the WBA welterweight title after the bout. He entered the fight with the "regular" version of the belt, while Thurman had the "super" version of the championship.

Thurman said he had a dream of fighting Errol Spence Jr. for the three welterweight belts in professional boxing, but Pacquiao played spoiler to his vision. Spence, who is undefeated in 26 fights, currently holds the IBF and the WBC welterweight belts. "If I step into the belts with him (Spence) today, there’s only two belts on the line. I gotta blame Manny Pacquiao for that," he said. Thurman, however, only had good things to say about the last time they fought, calling it "arguably one of Pacquiao’s best performances of all time." "Until he finishes his career out, I will demand that rematch," he said.