Kean Cipriano, Adie, Unique in concert

November 24 ------ Adie, Unique and rocker-turned record label man Kean Cipriano is all set for their upcoming triple-header show on November 29.

Titled “PULSO,” the show is to showcase current sounds as interpreted by the three. Of the three, Adie has the most current hits to show for. Beginning with his breakout hit “Paraluman,” Adie was able to sustain the chill singer-songwriter hype with a handful of fan-fave singles that include “Mahika,” “Tahanan” and “Dungaw.” To date, Adie has released just 9 songs (7 of them his originals) but all of them have multi-million streams. Adie can set up with just his acoustic guitar in front of New Frontier theatre and any music fan would pay to listen to him.

Unique for his part is the most musically adventurous. One can easily vibe with songs such as “Midnight Sky,” “Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit,” and “Sino.” Unique can be a bit eccentric, but he can easily rock the house as well. Playing “Mundo” at “Pulso” is a giveaway, but the way he’s going to play it and mix it up (and he’s done this before) is what’s going to be interesting.

Believe it or not, Kean could do the whole show without playing any of his Callalily tunes. As a solo act, Kean has released more than a dozen songs to his credit, and those songs can easily stand on their own if plays them in “Pulso.” Tracks such as “Eye Contact,” “Nandito Ka Na,” and “T*ng In*” have been well received by listeners and it would be interesting as well how he plays these songs live. Said tracks are mid-tempo, moody pop rockers.

Kean has the most experience as a live music act. And we can bet that he’s going to think of ways to up the ante musically so to speak. “Pulso” happens at the New Frontier Theatre.