Jake Cuenca on police chase: ‘Very traumatizing’

October 14 ------ Actor Jake Cuenca finally broke his silence relating to the headline-grabbing chasing incident he was involved in over the weekend. According to the 33-year-old actor, he wasn’t aware that he actually hit anything that night. He told “TV Patrol: “Hindi ko talaga naramdaman yung ano, e, yung side-swipe, e, naguguluhan din kami kung sa’n nangyari yung bangga.”

Jake added, “Kasi in my car, there’s no paint from anywhere, there’s no damage in my car, aside from the damage that was caused by the gunshots.” As to why he didn’t stop when told so, he said, “For me, in that moment, I was thinking, I was fearing for my life.” Jake noted he didn’t know those who were chasing him were policemen as they weren’t in uniform. “When you have civilians flagging down my car, armed civilians, flagging down my car with unmarked vehicles, my instinct talaga was to not stop, to go forward, to just get away from trouble,” he explained.

He only stopped after hearing police sirens. He was actually surprised to learn that he was being chased by authorities. As to what happened next, he shared, “I followed due process… Hindi ako nanlaban. Hindi ko sila pinahirapan.” As to the delivery driver that was accidentally hit by a stray bullet, the actor shared that the police already acknowledged that it was their fault but he made clear he is planning to extend a helping hand to the individual. He is not planning to file a complaint against police but according to Jake the whole ordeal was “very traumatizing.”

Source: mb.com.ph