Isabelle Daza dreams of professionalizing being a kasambahay

May 17 ------ Isabelle Daza shared on social media that she gives her household workers a questionnaire every quarter to know their thoughts on their working conditions at her home. In her Instagram Stories, Isabelle posted, "[This is the] questionnaire I give our kasambahay every 3 months to get to know how they are feeling in the workplace." Among the questions she asked were "When are you most annoyed at me," "What are your dreams in life," "When are you most tired," and "Do you still like what you are doing," among others. Isabelle added it is also her way to get to know the needs of the people who help and care for her. The actress also shared the contract that she provided her household workers. Isabelle said that she believes the contract is "for the benefit for both employer and the employee." "It will protect both parties. It paints a clear picture on scope of work and number of hours," she added. She also shared her dream for her household workers. "My dream would be to professionalize the kasambahay where they get paid the right amount and 2 days off work just like everyone else as a standard of working. After all they are leaving their families to take care of ours," she stated. Source: