Iñigo earns praise from Air Supply

February 22 ------ Iñigo Pascual is smiling from ear to ear these days. And why shouldn’t he be when no less than the Air Supply, composed of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, expressed admiration for his masterful take of All Out of Love? All Out of Love is among the soft rock duo’s musical gems that has been remade over a hundred times by different artists all over the world, the latest being Iñigo whose version is so pleasant to the ears, it will make you want to sing along with him. Give it a listen and certainly, you’ll agree that he managed to stamp it with supreme sincerity.

Russell considered it as an amazing act with a great arrangement, adding that “it’s a perfect thing, I love it.” Graham equally found the young singer-actor’s version fresh and humorously pointed out how Iñigo would see it as a “problem” in the coming days. He said to Iñigo during a video call, “I love the record. The only problem with that Iñigo is you’ll have to sing it for the rest of your career (laughs). You take over from us.” Those kind words from the iconic duo were definitely a morale booster for the charming son of Piolo Pascual.

“I can’t believe that we have this remake and to have the original makers of the song themselves being here with us, thank you, guys so much for supporting us,” began Iñigo with his pair of eyes twinkling in bliss. “I mean, we’re just artists trying to remake your song but the fact you have given us so much trust, means a lot to me as an artist. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for me.”

Iñigo gave in to requests about singing some parts of the song and Graham was amazed at the new rendition. He exclaimed, “That blows my mind! What a beautiful voice you got and the vibrato is so natural. You’ve been given a great gift and I hope throughout your career you’ll share it with the world.” Russell also praised the way the reimagined version remained true to the song’s substance. “The fact that it’s true to its essence in the way Graham wrote it is another great tribute to the song. That’s the way I want to hear it,” he said.

This is the latest collaboration between Iñigo and Tarsier Records head Chris Lopez, a.k.a. Moophs, who were also behind the dancehall-pop tune Always which became part of Apple Music’s The 100 Best Songs of 2020. Chris admitted the challenge of remaking a classic that has been remade so many times by different artists. He knew that it’s such a legendary song that he grew up listening to and “I’m hearing it all the time so I had to do justice but I also had to try to grasp Iñigo’s sound so I gave it several tries and the first two really worked.” He continued, “I wanted to keep it true to the piece of a ballad so it means he has to sing with that kind of feel. And it turned out so well.”

Graham felt great that millennial artists like Iñigo are showing interest to do remakes of their songs. “It’s great because it means that the song is transcending generations. There are gonna be so many more, millions of people that hear it or haven’t heard it — and they aren’t that many. There’s gonna be a lot more now.” Iñigo’s rendition of All Out of Love was released by all digital streaming platforms last Feb. 5.

Source: philstar.com