Elizabeth Oropesa, Daria Ramirez reunite for ‘ECQ Diary (Bawal Lumabas)’

MANILA, Philippines, October 18 ------ Veteran actresses Elizabeth Oropesa and Daria Ramirez have reunited to star in an upcoming movie about the COVID-19 pandemic titled “ECQ Diary (Bawal Lumabas).” Oropesa and Ramirez will play Susan and Amalia, two senior citizens who are among the most vulnerable age group at the time of the pandemic. “ECQ Diary (Bawal Lumabas)” is Oropesa and Ramirez’s reunion project since 1976’s “Nunal sa Tubig” directed by the late Ishmael Bernal.

Oropesa, who also bankrolled for the production of the upcoming film, said she “strongly feels” that a movie about the ongoing pandemic should be made. “I feel we are obligated as artists to remember our shared struggle in the year of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Oropesa, also known to the entertainment industry as “La Oro,” said. The upcoming film was written and directed by journalist and filmmaker Arlyn Dela Cruz-Bernal, who expressed that she was honored to work with the two esteemed actresses. “It’s such an honor and a fulfilling experience to work with two of Philippine cinema’s finest. It”s brilliance in every scene,” Bernal said. The release date “ECQ Diary (Bawal Lumabas)” has not been announced, as of this writing.

Source: entertainment.inquirer.net