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Dolly de Leon honors late co-star Charlbi Dean after not mentioned at Oscars

MANILA, Philippines, March 17 ------ Award-winning actress Dolly de Leon paid tribute to her "Triangle of Sadness" co-star Charlbi Dean who passed away last August. In her Instagram account, Dolly posted a photo of Charlbi surrounded with white flowers.

"IN MEMORIAM. Charlbi Dean. February 5, 1990-August 29, 2022," she wrote in the caption. According to the Los Angeles Times, Charlbi was omitted from the montage despite starring in the Oscar-nominated film.

“The Academy Awards’ in Memoriam forgot a few Hollywood greats,” it said on March 12. Among those omitted was ‘Goodfellas’ actors Paul Sorvino and Tony Sirico. South African actor Charlbi Dean, who died shortly before the release of her film ‘Triangle of Sadness,’ was even left out of the segment. ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’ actor Anne Heche was also not featured.


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