DNV GL Awards Industry’s 1st Ship Cybersecurity Verification

March 6 ------ ABB’s solutions on board a large passenger ship have been awarded cybersecurity verification from classification society DNV GL, the technology company said. As a result, this vessel became the industry’s first to achieve system compliance under DNV GL’s framework for integrated cybersecurity. The cybersecurity resilience for the vessel was enabled by close collaboration of ABB, the shipowner and DNV GL during the construction phase at a shipyard in Europe. Cybersecurity management processes will continue during the ship’s operations, with the system’s resilience maintained throughout the lifetime of the vessel, according to ABB. “It is vital that the maritime industry focuses on cybersecurity as an essential part of both design and operation,” Johann Melsted, Area Manager Benelux & France for DNV GL, stressed.

In order to achieve sustainable shipping, vessels are increasingly fitted with integrated automation systems and digital solutions. As part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the vessel’s systems are more connected than ever before, presenting threat vectors previously unheard of in shipping. This is driving the need for closer and earlier collaboration on cybersecurity between all key stakeholders in the newbuilding process. The classification society’s Integrated Cyber Security Dependent Systems verification establishes a framework to address cybersecurity levels for the main functions of a vessel – both during construction and in operation. While the framework is applicable to any vessel, greater sophistication and deeper integration of operational technology systems in complex vessels such as cruise ships mean that appropriate cybersecurity management is paramount. While digitalization offers opportunities to measure and manage efficiencies across the entire fleet, securing these data streams is critical to the safety of the vessels’ passengers and crew.

“As vessels become more electric, digital and connected than ever before, it is of vital importance that we equip and empower seafarers with reliable solutions that are cyber secure,” Juha Koskela, Managing Director, ABB Marine & Ports. The vessel, powered by ABB’s electric propulsion system, is part of the global support network where the company’s experts monitor operational shipboard systems, coordinate remote equipment diagnostics and offer predictive maintenance services – 24/7.

Source: worldmaritimenews.com