DFA: 368 Filipinos abroad positive for COVID-19; 9 deaths, 117 recoveries

April 1 ------ Thirty countries and regions covering the Asia and Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas have reported a total of 368 Filipinos stricken with COVID-19, the Department of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday. In its infographic released Tuesday (March 31) on Filipinos abroad afflicted with the disease, the DFA reported that 117 of the total number have recovered and nine succumbed to the pandemic.

In a separate statement, the foreign affairs office clarified some discrepancies in the infographics they released on Monday (March 30). “The DFA clarifies some changes in the confirmed cases and deaths in the European and American regions. The reported death yesterday in the European region was that of a former Filipino (not a dual citizen), and therefore based on official documentation was not included in today’s tally,” it said. It pointed out that the total number of deaths “remains the same at 9 since there was one reported demise in the Americas.”

Upon further verification, they found out that one case reported in the Americas region was withdrawn, thereby reducing the number of countries reporting in that region to one. Earlier, Philippine Ambassador to Italy Domingo Nolasco confirmed that the total number of Filipinos found positive for COVID-19 in the whole of Europe, including Italy, is now at 97.

Source: mb.com.ph