Catriona Gray, Sam Milby go camping together in Laguna

June 22 ------ Catriona Gray and her boyfriend, actor Sam Milby, enjoyed some time outdoors with their pet dogs in a camping trip to Laguna.

The Miss Universe 2018 titleholder gave glimpses of their campsite in Calamba, Laguna, via her Instagram page. Gray can be seen with their dogs as she and Milby sit close to each other next to their camping truck. “Went camping, although pretty sure the puppies thought it was a vacation for them,” she quipped. Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2020 Samantha Bernardo and former Miss Universe Philippines delegate Sandra Lemonon were left in awe with the couple’s camping setup. “Oh my God! A dream!” Bernardo said. “The puppies, love it!” “Excuse me, this is so cute,” Lemonon told Gray.

Gray and Milby recently shared the stage for the first time, during their Canada tour with actor-dancer Rayver Cruz and singer Marcelito Pomoy. The couple confirmed their relationship during Milby’s birthday in May 2020. While they have since gone public about being an item, Gray and Milby remain low-key when it comes to their love life.