BIR extends tax deadlines

March 26 ------ The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has released several issuance extending various tax deadlines, implementing the government’s Enhanced Community Quarantine over Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon due to the threat of COVID-19.  “Revenue Commissioner Caesar Dulay signed the revenue memorandum circulars (RMC) in the interest of public safety and protect the health of revenuers,” said BIR spokesperson Alou Narvaez last Tuesday, March 24. She also said RMC 33-2020 extended the availments of the Tax Amnesty on Delinquencies from April 23 to May 23, 2020. RMC 32-2020 refers to the extension of the deadline for the filing of the Certificate of Residence for Tax Treaty Relief (CORTT) from March 10 to April 30 without penalty.

RMC 31-2020 grants taxpayers additional 30 days to answer Notice for Informal Conference (NIC), Preliminary and Final Assessment Notice, and Formal Letter of Demand. Submission of documents to support requests for re-investigation are also part of this. RMC 30-2020 and 28-2020 extended the deadline for 30 days for the filing and payment of certain tax returns including the annual and quarterly income tax, value-added, percentage, documentary, excise, and one-time transaction taxes. Finally, RMC 27-2020 extended the filing of VAT refund applications from March 31 to April.30.

Ms. Narvaez also said that the 90-day period of processing VAT refund claims received from March 16 to April 14 is suspended and shall resume after the lifting of the quarantine.