Bea Lorenzo duets with Singapore's Benjamin Kheng

May 12 ------ The Philippines' Bea Lorenzo is the latest local artist to collaborate with an international act amid the industry's continuing efforts to bring OPM to the world's music stage. Hot off the studio is "Good for a Time," her duet with Singaporean artist Benjamin Kheng.

Kheng clarifies, however, that the single is not the only product of his collaboration with Lorenzo. "I think it's crazy surreal that we got to come together, do the song, shoot a music video, do a web series and get the song out. It blows my mind because Bea and I have just been online friends. So I really appreciate the fact that we can do something like this even in Covid times," he said in an interview with Music Geek.

Chiming in, Lorenzo agreed and said, "The experience was so much fun! Definitely, a first for me to do an international collaboration, I'm glad it was with Ben. "We have a lot in common," she added. As artists, we pay attention to many details, and I appreciate that and being able to work with him. We value the same things in our music," she added.

The Sam Willows vocalist teamed up with fellow Singaporean singer-songwriter, Linying, best known for penning and performing the theme song for 2021's Singapore National Day Parade, 'The Road Ahead.'" For their collaboration, they penned lyrics that captured the desire to stretch time for as long as possible to savor the last moments before the inevitable end of a meaningful relationship.

"I looked through it and thought it would be nice to have it as a duet because it is a song about a breakup happening in real-time. People are sort of just separating, and I wanted to find a great companion to duet this with. I just remembered Bea having this gorgeous voice and a great personality. Linying and I felt that Bea was the perfect match for the song, and she's really excited," Kheng said.

And so Filipino singer-songwriter Bea Lorenzo, best known for her prowess with the Kalimba, was brought on as a feature to turn the song into a duet, highlighting the shared experience of heartbreak. "When the song was sent to me, it was already recorded as a demo, and it was beautiful. He showed me two versions. One was the piano version and the other guitar version. When I heard the song, I immediately knew I wanted to work with him on it. Such a beautiful song," Lorenzo said.

"I think we really just exchanged stories, and we were able to sing from that perspective of being grateful for the person who used to be in your life," Kheng shared. Kheng leaned on the expertise of Snakeweed Studios' Josh Wei (CL, Gentlebones) to oversee production on the track. "When I first met him eight years ago, he was just a kid playing violin and beatboxing. He wasn't much of a producer. He just soaked it in. He went from track to track and worked with people, and then he was in LA for three or four years. He got to work with big artists. When he got back to Singapore, he was like, 'I want to do Singapore stuff.' He's just a really passionate kid. I love meeting people like that in this industry. They are young, very passionate and just do it. I love the kind of energy," Kheng said on working with Wei.

Kheng is a Singaporean musician, actor and writer, and lead singer of former pop outfit The Sam Willows. He has landed a coveted spot on Forbes' annual "30 Under 30 Asia." Lorenzo is a Manila-based Filipina performing artist whose love for storytelling, stage theatrics, and minimalist arrangements in recorded music inspires and fuels her songwriting.