Arwind Santos brings back his outlawed Spiderman dunk during ECQ

May 13 ------ WITH the PBA season currently on hold, rules are also suspended, right? Arwind Santos took advantage of that, bringing back his outlawed Spiderman dunk in this time of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). "SpidermanDUNKneverstop!," he posted on his Instagram account together with clips of him soaring to the rim in a court he shared with just one other player. Santos has made it a habit to hang on to the ring and place his feet on the backboard for his signature "Spiderman dunk," much to the delight of his fans. However, the PBA issued a memo last year prohibiting the monkey ride, deeming the act both unsportsmanlike and dangerous, more so for kids who copy the dunk in makeshift courts. There were a number of moments last season when the San Miguel forward was tempted and even cheered on to do his patented move during the games, but the last time he was allowed to pull it off was during the 2019 PBA All-Star Game in Pangasinan. Santos was able to go scot-free. PBA commissioner Willie Marcial, however, reiterates that the Spiderman dunk remains banned in any PBA games. For now, though, we'll let Arwind hang around the rim as long as he wants to. Source: