Arnold Schwarzenegger donates $1 million to Frontline Responders Fund

March 29 ------ Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has donated $1 million (around P51 million) to health workers and frontliners in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Schwarzenegger made his donation to the Frontline Responders Fund and encouraged others to also lend a hand, as per his Instagram page yesterday, March 25.

“I never believed in sitting on the couch and complaining about how bad things are, I always believed we should all do our part to make things better,” he noted. “This is a simple way to protect our real action heroes on the frontlines in our hospitals, and I’m proud to be part of it,” the action star added.

The Frontline Responders Fund aims to counter the shortage of gloves, gowns, masks and other essential supplies health workers around the world need to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus while treating others.

Schwarzenegger said he hopes that “all of you who can will step up to support these heroes” amid the pandemic. Concerned citizens can donate to the cause through

Globally, there are 414,179 confirmed COVID-19 cases while 18,440 people have died, as of this writing. The disease currently posts a mortality rate of 4.45%.