Alice Dixson introduces her ‘panganay’ to the public

MANILA, Philippines, May 12 ------ Actress Alice Dixson surprised her followers on May 10, when she introduced her panganay named Sassa to the public.

The announcement came in the form of a Mother’s Day greeting, with Alice sharing photos and a video clip of Sassa. In some pictures, the two were seen posing with Alice’s youngest child, baby Aura. “Being a mom is a gift. I’ve been very lucky in my lifetime to experience it twice,” she captioned the post. Alice explained that she never got to formally introduce Sassa to the public because Sassa’s father was overprotective. “Pero ngayon na young lady na siya at Master’s grad, the world is now her oyster,” she added. Addressing Sassa, Alice wrote: “I’m so very proud of the woman you are becoming – beautiful inside and out.”

This is the first time that the actress opened up about having an older daughter, aside from her infant named Aura. It was in April 2021 when Alice revealed that she became a mother, at age 51, to Aura via surrogacy. Alice previously said in a 2019 interview with Karen Davila that she had previously tried to get pregnant, but she and her current non-showbiz partner eventually decided to try surrogacy.

Alice has kept her current partner’s identity secret, but has been with him for a long time – in an August 2017 interview with Boy Abunda, she said she had been with her partner for four years already. In September 2021, she shared a photo of her partner for the first time, referring to him as “my forever.”