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Aiko Melendez inks contract with Ogie Diaz

March 17 ------ Despite her busy schedule as a politician, Aiko Melendez has embarked on a new step in her showbiz career after she signed a contract with talent manager Ogie Diaz. Melendez also shared a glimpse of her contract signing with Diaz on her YouTube channel, where she talked about her previous talent managers prior to signing with Diaz.

Diaz and Soberano have been making headlines since the beginning of the month after the latter revealed her frustrations as an actress while contract with ABS-CBN for over a decade, and recently accused her erstwhile manager of “lying” about certain aspects of their business relationship. The showbiz personality addressed this issue in a vlog, saying that he never made-up stories about the “Forevermore” star.

One sore point that Diaz clarified was the actress’ claim during an interview with Boy Abunda that she only initially got a measly 30% of her talent fee because of the proportion of Diaz’s commission (30%), his co-manager and Soberano’s aunt Joni’s (20%), and former management Star Magic (10%), before Diaz and Joni agreed to a cut in their respective commissions.

The TV personality, however, said Soberano was able to receive 63% from her talent fee because he was only entitled to 20% commission, while Star Magic received 10% and Joni 7%. He also pointed out that it was he who ultimately decided to reduce their fees.


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